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Is there a Park Model Home in your future?

All over the North American continent, people like yourself are discovering the benefits of owning an RV park model home!

(What is an RV park model? Click here)

  • Families are using park models for their vacation cottage at the beach, by the lake, or in the mountains
  • Retirees are choosing these economical, low cost, low maintenance homes as their permanent residence
  • Entire RV resort villages are being built using park models exclusively
  • Full time RV'ers are converting to park models for their primary residence and using smaller, more economical motor homes and towables for their travels
  • RV lot and park owners have discovered that park models make terrific rental units

Yes, there may be a park model home in your future. When you are ready to choose your own, we invite you to compare Sunlake Living Systems' park model homes. We have models, floor plans, and options to suit almost every budget and personal preference.

Consider the Extraordinary Quality, Extraordinary Flexibility, and Extraordinary Value of Sunlake Living Systems products and you'll know why we say that our park model homes offer the best value in the industry today.

1350.jpg (25632 bytes) Extraordinary Quality

What sets Sunlake quality apart from all the rest? All of our models are built in place exactly like you would build a home on your lot. (Except we build on a steel frame rather than a poured foundation). Yes, it takes longer than pushing a unit down the assembly line. But, this enables us to truly custom craft each home.

We don't shortcut construction methods to save a little production time. Here's an example. Most manufacturers stretch the floor coverings, both carpet and vinyl, and tack it in place BEFORE setting the walls. This means that the home has a layer of carpet and/or vinyl flooring sandwiched between the wall and floor systems. Not good.

We install our floor coverings AFTER the home is assembled exactly like you would install carpet, tile, or vinyl floor coverings in your existing house.

Attention is given to detail. Notice the mitre joints of moldings in models you inspect. Are the joints flush or is there a noticeable gap? Look at the fit of all interior and exterior panels and coverings. Our homes shout, "QUALITY!"

The structural integrity of our homes is superior to many. We use 2" x 6" floor joists 16" on center to support the floor. We wrap the entire unit's exterior walls with 3/8" O.S.B. (Many manufactures only use O.S.B. around doors and windows). Exterior wall studs are 2" x 4" placed at 16" on center. This is common in residential home construction, but other manufacturers may not adopt this standard.

Consider the quality of materials, the structural integrity, and the attention to detail and you'll agree. Sunlake Living Systems' park model homes demonstrate extraordinary quality!
1351.jpg (28687 bytes) Extraordinary Flexibility

Why is "flexibility" important? Have you ever seen a floor plan for a house or other unit that was EXACTLY like you wanted it? Odds are that the park model floor plan you'll choose won't be exactly like you want it either. You'll want to change it to suit your personal preference.

Burger King isn't the only place you can "have it your way". Our sales and engineering teams will work with you to produce the home you want. And, we won't kick up the price if you make a few minor changes. (However, a major redesign or new design creation may be assessed an engineering fee).

Start by choosing the floor plan nearest to your preference. Then tell us what changes you want to make. Feel free to "mark up" the plan with your changes and fax it to us. We'll incorporate your changes and send it back to you for approval.

When you're satisfied with the floor plan, pick the model you want. We offer Sunlake, Silverlake, and Crystal Lake models each having different features. Pick the set of features most like what you want and you'll know which model you want. Remember that it is less expensive to choose a model where the features you want are standard rather than upgrade a model with lesser features.

Flexibility. It isn't our middle name, but maybe it should be. You'll be pleased at how easy it is to "have it your way".
1338.jpg (29104 bytes) Extraordinary Value

This is where the "rubber meets the road". Value. What are you getting for your money? If you get a low price that is generated from using inferior materials, borderline structural integrity, cookie-cutter reproduction, shortcut construction methods, etc., you also get inferior value. Nothing extraordinary about that!

You get "extraordinary value" when you get the most "bang for your buck". Sunlake Living Systems' homes demonstrate superior quality in construction and materials.

Yet, our prices are extremely competitive in the marketplace. It's true. You may be able to buy another manufacturer's park model home for less. But, you won't buy a park model home that is EQUAL to our model for less money. It just isn't going to happen.

We take pride in every home we build. If we build one for you, we are confident that you will be as proud of your new park model as we are. We invite you to compare. We believe that you will agree with us when we say "our homes offer the BEST value in the industry" today.

Factory Direct Prices

Order direct from the factory! According to our dealer agreement, if we do not have a dealer in your area, you may deal directly with the factory. Click here for more information.

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We hope your visit to our website is an enjoyable and informative experience! We've tried to provide you with all the information you need to make a wise decision about purchasing an RV Park Model home.

If you don't find what you're looking for, please contact us. You may call us toll free at 1-866-776-6714 or use our convenient contact form to send an email to us. We would like to hear from you. Your comments and suggestions are sincerely appreciated!

The SunLake Living Systems Staff

A True Story

Recently, one of our customers told us how he decided to purchase a Park Model from Sunlake Living Systems. Here's what he said:

"I didn't really know what a Park Model was until I decided to purchase an RV lot in Florida. The real estate agent I was dealing with took me to a dealer's lot to look at Park Models for the first time. It was then that I decided I would put a Park Model on my lot rather than buying a recreational vehicle.

I really liked the units I looked at in Florida, but I decided to look for other manufacturers. I wanted to see how the units are built so I looked for manufacturers in my home state. That's how I found Sunlake Living Systems.

I visited your factory first, then I visited another manufacturer. The difference in structural quality was immediately obvious. I was also impressed by your attention to detail. The quality of your Crystal Lake series is extraordinary.

I had both of you price a model similar to the one I liked on the dealer's lot in Florida so that I could get an "apples to apples" price comparison. Both of you beat the Florida dealer's price by several thousand dollars. Your price was slightly less than two thousand dollars more than the other manufacturer. But, if the cost of upgrades (to match what you included as standard in your price) had been added, it would surely have been the other way around. Their price would have been more.

It didn't take me long to make up my mind. After seeing the way you "stick-build" each home and how you avoid the shortcuts used by other manufacturers, I knew that I would get a far superior home if I dealt with Sunlake. And, later I learned how flexible you are in allowing the customer to customize your plan to suit their personal needs. Other manufacturers would have rejected some of my requests or else charged hefty "re-engineering" fees.

I am confident that, in purchasing a Sunlake park model home, I'm getting the best value possible. I'm one happy camper!"

Just how satisfied is this customer? Well, he is now a distributor of Sunlake Living Systems park model homes! We are confident that you will be satisfied with your Sunlake park model home too. We invite you to shop and compare. Dollar for dollar, quality for quality, we believe that Sunlake products are the BEST RV Park Model value around

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